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Both were refugees of Nazi Germany

Pam TeubnerE&T Plastics200 Green StreetTeterboro, NJ 07608(888) 727-8107." Our belief in the value of building and holding on to strong relationships with our customers is just as strong as it has ever been. Due to a lack of raw materials in the aftermath of World War II, E&T's supply of plastic came largely from the recycled canopies of no-longer-needed military aircraft.E&T Plastics, one of the nation’s leading distributors of plastic sheet, rod, tube, China Oven Mitts Manufacturers and film, provides manufacturing services for plastic components from concept to production. For more information on E&T Plastics and the products they offer, visit their website at / or call 1-800-221-9555. E&T's products were featured prominently in several exhibitions at the 1964 World's Fair in New York City and the company even made its mark in Times Square in the form of an impossible-to-miss advertisement for Planters Peanuts. In its early years, E&T Plastics was confined to an apartment in Harlem where plastic was dyed in the bath tub and shaped by heating it up in the kitchen oven. In the years that followed, E&T prospered as plastics became increasingly important to the American way of life. After moving to its present day headquarters in Long Island City.


New York, E&T has expanded to include eight branches across the United States.E&T Plastics Celebrates its 65th AnniversaryPress release from: E&T PlasticsThis year, E&T Plastics is celebrating the 65th anniversary of its founding in 1946. "Certain things have stayed the same since 1946," says E&T President Gary Thal, Rudolf Thal's son."In the coming years, E&T Plastics looks forward to the continued expansion of its role as one of the most trusted companies in the plastics industry.Sixty-five years ago, Sidney Erman and Rudolf Thal combined their business acumen and their initials to create E&T Plastics. Over six and a half decades, E&T has grown from its humble origins to become one of the leading plastics distributors and component manufacturers in the United States.. Both were refugees of Nazi Germany. With eight locations and a multi-million dollar inventory, E&T Plastics is a reliable source for a wide variety of plastic materials and offers custom cutting services, CNC routing, laser cutting, vacuum forming, and traditional plastics fabrication. We have, however, devloped the capacity to provide products and services in a way that I don't think my father could have imagined when he and Sidney started this company 65 years ago

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